Within hiking distance of the western edge of Corcovado National Park, this artistically rustic lodge is reminiscent of an Adirondacks camp, with creatively designed twig chairs and headboards, twisted-branch windows, and furniture made of leftover tree stumps. Kids of all ages will like the cabin-in-the-woods atmosphere. An ideal place to start a hike into Corcovado, the 100% locally run lodge offers accommodations to suit all budgets, from bunk-bed rooms with shared bath to spacious forest cabins, to a wheelchair-accessible master suite with a spacious, semi-alfresco bathroom, paved with smooth river stones. Breakfast is included and traditional Costa Rican meals are served in an alfresco restaurant. The restaurant, lodge, and open kitchen are joined by a covered breezeway with a spectacular wall-size, wooden spiderweb complete with giant spider.